SAT DEC 8 - Intro to Screen Printing Workshop

SAT DEC 8 - Intro to Screen Printing Workshop

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Screen Printing is an easy and effective method of producing an unlimited number of virtually identical prints onto practically any surface. In this five hour workshop, you will learn all of the steps involved in the screen printing process from design conception to the finished product, enabling you to set up a screen printing studio and continue making prints on your own. Please prepare a design ahead of class that you would like printed, no larger than 8x10" with all parts of your design printed in black with high contrast and free of very fine lines to produce ideal results. Also bring shirts, fabric, colored paper, or anything else that you would like to print on besides white paper. 



1pm - 6pm 

1717 Troutman street, Studio #204, 11385


This workshop will be led by Philip Sachs. Brooklyn based designer and printer Philip Sachs is a self-taught screen printer and has been making prints for 15 years. Philip hand prints items based on original artwork in small runs, resulting in truly one of a kind prints. He particularly enjoys screen printing because it incorporates a technical process to making art which requires forethought and planning to the project while at the same time allows for artistic experimentation with design, color, and material.